About the LaundryMate Washing Machine Ball

Washing detergents and bleach dumps millions of gallons of polluted water into the environment everyday.
Using hot water wastes thousands of YOUR dollars everyday?

LaudryMate Ball saves both money for washing machine owners as well as protecting the environment.

Our washing balls are the latest detergent alternative technology.

The LaundryMate Ball is scientifically designed to completely clean your clothing without using harmful detergents or bleaches, even in cold water!

LaundryMate Ball

The LaundryMate Washing ball contains over 80 different minerals which, when combined they make up the 5 different micro ceramic beads found in the LaundryMate Ball.

The beads are
electronically charged and when in contact with water they become active and do the same as the washing powder except without the aid of harsh toxic chemicals.
The ball has been recommended by many people throughout Australia who have
‘Skin allergies’ caused by detergents.

LaundryMate washing balls
active ingredients are completely free of harsh chemicals. The ball is molded from Polymers, which is an environmentally friendly and recyclable material.

Polypropylene (Mopien EP332L), is a Impact Copolymer that is suitable for food contact, not that is needs to be to wash your cloths…

Moplen EP332L is a heterophasic copolymer and is formulated with a highly effective heat stabilisation package. It exhibits a good fluidity combined with a good balance of impact and stiffness as well as a low warpage tendency.
Moplen EP332L is very durable.

The LaundryMate washing ball contains 5 different electronic ceramic beads; Anti Bacterial, Anti Chlorine, Alkaline, Far Infrared Ray (FIR) and fragrance beads.


Can my LaundryMate be used in hot water?
No, it is not recommended to use the ball in water above 75 degrees, because it may reduce the life of the Electronic Micro ceramic Beads.
Can my LaundryMate be used for hand washing?
Yes, just soak your LaundryMate together with the clothes for 15-30 minutes, then agitate and stir for about another 10-15 minutes.
Can my LaundryMate be used for delicate fabrics?
Yes, except silk or satin.
Can my LaundryMate be used for my babies cloth diapers?
Yes, your LaundryMate is safe for use on cloth diapers
Can my LaundryMate be used for Top Loaders and Front Loaders?
Yes, including twin tubes.
Can I still use my fabric softener?
Yes, but it is not necessary, because all your clothes come out soft.
How will I know when my LaundryMate needs replacing?
Your washing will become less clean. The micro ceramic balls gradually wear down, when they begin to clog the holes in the ball. These two signs are an indication that the ball is reaching the end of it’s useful life.
Can the ball be used in Septic Systems?
Normally yes as the ball does not leave behind any residues thus making it safe to use. It is recommended to check with the manufacture just to be safe.
Will my LaundryMate remove stains?
The ball is not designed to remove stains. However, in saying that it has been found to remove some stains from clothes very effectively. It is recommend that you use a Stain remover to help remove those stubborn stains.
How long will my LaundryMate last?
The ball is designed to last 1500 washes.
Can I still use detergent with the LaundryMate washing ball?
Yes, but we recommend using only safe and organic types.
How do I clean my Machine Internal Hoses and Pipes?
Over time the internal hoses and pipes of your washing machine can become clogged with detergent residue causing mould and mildew to gather in different areas of your machine. This can cause stains and effect the LaundryMates efficiency.
First fill the machine with hot water and add 2 cups of white vinegar to the water. (In top loaders add this through the soap dispenser.)
Then run your machine completely through the heavy cycle.
Repeat if necessary, adding a half cupful of baking soda to the water.
To keep your machine in good order repeat this about every 12 months.
Remember to place the ball in the sun once a month for about 2 hours to recharge the Electronic Micro Ceramic Beads.


Cleans clothes without bleach, soaps or detergents in cold water.
No rinse cycle necessary - Saves electricity and water.
Hypo-Allergenic - Great for sensitive skins!
Comparable in all types of washing machines.
Lasts up to 1,500 washes - Huge savings!
New Balls are now refillable!

The LaundryMate washing ball is not a stain remover. It is designed to allow the user Chemical Free washing by not impregnating soap powders.
Stubborn stains will need to be pre-treated before washing.

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