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The LaundryMate (Laundry Ball) Washing Machine Ball cleans clothes without bleach, soaps or detergents in cold water.
When using the LaundryMate Washing Machine Ball, no rinse cycle is necessary - saving electricity and water!
The LaundryMate Washing Machine Ball is Hypo-Allergenic - therefore GREAT for sensitive skins!
The LaundryMate Washing Machine Balls are compatible with all types of washing machines!
LaundryMate Balls lasts up to 1,500 washes - Huge savings!
LaundryMate Washing Machine Balls are now refillable!

The LaundryMate Ball is designed specifically for Eco Friendly aware people that would like to protect their families as well as the environment.

LaundryMate Ball is the Future of Eco friendly washing for owners of household washing machines.

Washing detergents and bleach dumps millions of gallons of polluted water into the environment everyday.

Using hot water wastes thousands of YOUR dollars every year!

Our LaundryMate Ball for washing machines are the latest detergent alternative technology.

The Laundry Mate Ball is scientifically designed to completely clean your clothing without using harmful detergents or bleaches, even in cold water!

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Customer Reviews

  • Absolutely wonderful. Whites came up whiter than ever and got “spaghetti Stains’ out of clothes
    Emma N, Gympie
  • 2 Dairy Farmers clothing for work has come up brilliant. Old stains are coming out as well.
    Ben W, Gympie
  • Works great best product I brought. Works great on my husbands work clothes
    Suzi T, Moruya
  • I swear by it. I use it in my childcare centre and at home. Amazing
    Crystal D, Ballina
  • WOW!! Really works- Amazing give it a try!
    Anna B, Coolangatta
  • Absolutely Fantastic, washing came out so clean& soft. My whites came out very white. Give it a try— Towels so soft
    Joanne & John, Tweeds
  • Very pleased with the washing ball.
    Helen, Nanango
  • A great product- works well!
    June C, Lismore
  • Impressed—Effective on oily clothes. Brought a 2nd one for a friend!
    Patsy A, Lismore
  • Very Happy with my wash ball. Showed it to my friend & she wasn’t convinced but now she’s been won over. We are here today to buy 4 more for our Family Members .
    Jane, Ballina
  • Cleans all washing beautifully
    Fiona, Tweed Heads
  • Love this ball! My husband is a chef & we have tried everything- including floor de-greaser!- to get the stains & grease out but until now nothing came close! This is a marvelous product. We now use it for all our clothes including the baby & we have purchased for all our family and friends!
    John Jasmine, Banora Point
  • A very good product, recommended it to all my friends and family,
    Judy F, Lismore
  • It works wonderful. Son has a rash, since I got the ball it has all gone away.
    Debbie B, Lismore
  • Bought 4 – Absolutely great. Cut washing time in half- no rinsing, stains came out easily. Save on Power also. Every home needs one.
    Jan & Tony H, Tweeds
  • Love it great for the environment
    Jessica, Nimbin
  • Use it with my dads work clothes from the mill
    Janice, Toormina
  • Mechanic- oily greasy work clothes- everything came out. Mum has a takeaway shop- cotton seed oil stains- all gone!!
    Ben K, Kingroy
  • Leaves towels really soft- Works well.
    Pat H, Kiama Downs
  • A miracle process and highly recommended
    Adele S, Tweeds
  • I have never been so happy it really works on stains, grease & all. I heartily recommend it
    Gwen B, Booval
  • These really work- less water, less electricity. Use it on Rinse cycle only & it works on work cloths. ½ the time waiting for the cycle to Finnish. Yay!!! Win !!! Win!!!
    Carolyn F, Tuckurimba
  • Moldy back pack, smell and mold all gone. Washed teenage son’s gym gear, removed smell
    Wendy, Boambee East
  • Great Ball and great to see some quality products being produced here in AU and not from some overseas sweat shop!
    George R, Gold Coast

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